Street Outlaw Daddy Daves NEW Twin Turbo setup Shakedowns!!!

Take a closer look at Street Outlaw Daddy Daves NEW Twin Turbo setup Shakedowns!!!

Last season he was the highest scoring pro charger car, and everybody around him was using a twin turbo setup.

At one point he was actually wearing the crown of the Street Outlaws 405 list with this setup but on close inspection, it was a bit obvious that turbocharged cars were gaining on him in the second part of the track and it was just a matter of time when he will make the switch himself.

So it came as no surprise when Daddy Dave brought out the Goliath with a twin turbo setup, and now we join him and his crew at the Orlando Speed World Dragway where he is about to put down a few setup passes with the new setup.

Many times when a driver changes setup it’s a painstakingly long period of dialing things in but once you take a look at the second pass on this video, well it seems that Dave has had a very steep learning curve and he is ready to hit the streets.

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