Big Chief BEATS Kye Kelley on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

Check this, Big Chief BEATS Kye Kelley on Street Outlaws: America’s List!!!

As we all know Big Chief and Ryan Martin have been the biggest contenders for the 405 crown over the years, including Daddy Dave and while they have been racing each other for years doing the best they can to get to the finish line faster than the other guy, it is also well known that once these guys start racing people from different areas and teams, these guys band together and become everybody’s nightmare.

The knowledge of these guys combined is something that not many can match when it comes to street racing and this becomes their real strength.

On the other hand, Kye Kelley has been doing this for quite a while and he has been dating the daughter of the famous drag racing and engine building legend Pat Mussi, putting him in a team with enormous experience on the drag strip.

Additionally, we all saw that Kye Kelly is good at the street game and has managed to hold on to the top spot by playing the rules that were adopted for this list from the Memphis area, like the famous (or infamous, depending on who you ask) chase is a race rule.

We all saw him get the better of Axmen by jumping the light which caused Axmen to chase him.

While Axmen was still catching him near the end, fact is that the advantage that he got by jumping proved too big to annihilate even for the extremely fast Axmen.

Today these two are facing each other and we are not sure if anybody is going to be using the Memphis rules in order to get to a victory, or will we see a clean start to finish race under full power.

So check out the video and see who gets to call out Axmen for the top spot.

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