Chuck From Street Outlaws Gets Beat Up at Outlaw Armageddon 2K19!!!

Take a look at this, Chuck From Street Outlaws Gets Beat Up at Outlaw Armagedon 2K19!!!

In every form of competition there is some sort of talking trash, and for the most part it is just to make the competition itself more interesting and amusing.

The sport of drag racing is no exception to this as well and we have all herd these guys talking trash to each other before or even after the race.

This time however it seems that somebody cannot take it and would not take it either so it got violent.

As usual Chuck Seitsinger was talking trash about other guys and unlike other times when it all in good fun, this guy decided to blindside him, and attack him pulling his shirt over his head.

A few punches were thrown before they could get them separated but unfortunately for Chuck most of them landed on him, so check out this terrible event that happened because somebody had a shorter fuse than Chuck anticipated.


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