Barn Rescue 1968 PETTY BLUE Road Runner!!!

Take a look at this, Barn Rescue 1968 PETTY BLUE Road Runner!!!

If you followed NASCAR racing at any point, you already know who and what Richard Petty is, but if this is the very first time you hear about him, let us just tell you that he is one of the bet racing drivers out there, so good that he earned the nickname The King.

He was so popular that many of his fans wanted to get a car that was painted like his racing car that he drove, but unfortunately you could not just get the so called “Petty Blue” color straight from Mopar.

There was however a way around this issue, with the help of the so called “999” special order paint which would get you the color of your choice.

You are already guessing that the owner of this car did just that, and got this incredibly nice color for his 1968 Plymouth Road Runner which is powered by a 383 engine and is using the 4-speed transmission.

Check out this very rare car, and let’s hope that it gets restored to its former glory.

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  • With this car being the only unrestored one known to exist. Should it be redone to look like the other one in the world? Or left remaining with its scars and history intact.

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