Biker Does Burnout On Police Car, Instant Regret!

Take a look at this stupid or … Biker Does Burnout On Police Car, Instant Regret!

We have met a few daredevils in our life and we have hung out with them on a few occasions and although it is very fun to go out and drink with them from time to time it can get a bit dangerous because most of their ideas of fun is, how should we put this, illegal.

The video that we are about to show you has all of these parts in it, because we all know that doing a burnout will get you in trouble, but using the police cruiser to keep the bike from moving forward, well that will get you in handcuffs very quick as this guy is about to find out.

 It did come as a surprise that the officer actually stayed inside the vehicle and let him have his fun for a little bit there but it was inevitable that this was not going to end well, but at least he got the whole crowd excited about it, check it out.

Lol what was he thinking? #loadall

Posted by Load-all on Friday, February 24, 2017

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