Reaper’s New Yenko Procharged Camaro Is Real Beast!!!

Check this, Reaper’s New Yenko Procharged Camaro Is Real Beast!!!

In case you missed it at the end of last season there was some major drama with Reaper and his car, he was the one to claim that his car is a Street car and he was the one to call all the guys out to check out his car and see if its legit, but little did he know that the guys all had the same thing to say, his car was not build according to specification for the Street Outlaws List for the 405 so he was kicked off the list.

It was literally like he started the whole deal that got him kicked out.

Now however it looks like he has built an amazing Yenko Procharged Camaro that looks absolutely awesome and we have got the video that will show you all of the cars angles.

Now it is true that the video did not tell us whether the car will be racing for the list but at least you get to see it first.

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