$10,000 Harley Grudge Race – Turbo Street Glide vs Nitrous Street Glide!

Check this, $10,000 Harley Grudge Race – Turbo Street Glide vs Nitrous Street Glide

The first time you read the title you might find many things wrong with it and for us was the actual name of the bike that is being raced.

Let’s be honest the name Street Glide is not really something that compels you to thing drag racing at a track, since the first thing that comes to mind is relaxed cruising and not banging off the rev limiter at the Christmas tree waiting for the green light to allow you to drop the clutch in the attempt to get a better start then the guy next to you.

But apparently these two decided that injecting nitrous and strapping a turbocharger on their bikes is the way to go.

 It turns out that this is a well anticipated race between the Turbocharged Harley Davidson Street Glide from #TeamFSH and the Street Glide with the nitrous injection system owned by FastBlack at the #NoExcuses4, so check it out and see who gets to go home  10 grand richer.

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