1946 FL Is a HELL’S ANGELS Incredible Barn Find!

1946 FL Is a HELL’S ANGELS Incredible Barn Find!

There are many reasons not to wash a bike, but being a real barn find that has once belonged to the infamous Hell’s Angels Dave “The Hat” is surely amongst the top of them.

The bike is a real classic, 1946 FL which has gone thru extensive modification by the original Hell’s Angels owner back in the day which had to stop riding it due to an injury he suffered, so not wanting to sell the bike, he still kept it and would just start it from time to time to hear its beautiful sound and reminisce.

If you by any chance are in the market for a classic bike with a truly amazing story behind it, well you would have to have some deep pockets because the price that the owner has listed for this bike is $28.000.
A hefty sum nonetheless but according to the seller, the bike’s history is truly incredible and that does not come cheap.

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