1953 Chevy Bel Air Ultimate Sleeper & Hellcat KILLER!!

Take a look at this, 1953 Chevy Bel Air Ultimate Sleeper & Hellcat KILLER!!

Many of the muscle car lovers think that old school muscle could never be replaced and that the muscle car as we know it might be modernized with every new edition but according to them the muscle car has reached a peak before the 70’s and it is now in steady decline.

We would have to agree in some way but not all the way since the brand new muscle car sure have a lot going for them and we think they are still making a few good ones.

This time however there is nobody that does not find this 1953 Bel Air Sleeper incredible and the way that it is capable of fooling most of the other drivers out there gives it a special bonus.

Upon closer inspection the huge intercooler on the front of the car is something that hints that this car is not to be messed with in a straight line.

So check out this video as it destroys a few Hellcats, a R35 GTR and the rest of the pack that decided to line against it at the event.

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