1969 Charger General Lee Cold Start Backfire!

Check this, 1969 Charger General Lee Cold Start Backfire!

Car lovers are a very specific kind of people and this video is a living proof of this phenomenon, because there is no other way to explain a video of an old 1969 Charger General Lee misfiring backfiring and spewing out smoke for about three minutes to have more than one million views.

Most of the people that we hang out have probably watched it and even if we send it to them again they will probably watch it one more time because we love this kinda stuff but regular folk would just think we are crazy for watching it.

The video in question is of a great sounding Charger which needs some tuning in order to perform better and the general opinion is that unless fixed, those misfires will hurt the engine but even with that in mind it still sounds great to hear this beast being warmed up, check it out for yourselves.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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