1971 Chevy Nova Cold Start Insanely LOUD!

Check this 1971 Chevy Nova Cold Start Insanely LOUD!!

They are also known as the third generation Nova which started production in 1968 and continued until 1974 and they were an extensive restyle of the previous version.

They were based on the Chevy’s compacts a chassis with only one inch shorter than the one that was used for the midsize vehicles, but apparently the whole concept worked so well that today this 1971 Chevy Nova is a formidable classic car which many would love to have in their garage.

Apparently this guy knows what he has and because of this he has made e video of this awesome machine waking up in the morning.

The car is a bit hesitant at first and seems like it does not want to wake up from the slumber but after a few tries it decides to wake up and let us hear its insanely loud gurgle.

Turn up the speakers and hear this amazing sounding classic car’s cold start, you will thank us later.

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