1971 Mystery Dodge Muscle Car Barn Find!!

Take a look at this, 1971 Mystery Dodge Muscle Car Barn Find!!

We try to bring you all the videos that are worth your time, and we think that this is one of them for many reasons.

For example, you get to see one great Orange Dodge Dart powered by a Hemi engine come out and see the sunlight for the first time for about 15 years.

This car has such thick layer of dust that it acts as a preservative to the body paint which as you are about to see is not in such a bad shape considering the hard life that this car has had, since for about 7 years it was just abandoned on a parking lot as its parts were scavenged for different vehicles.

On the other hand, these two are not the most careful crew since as you are about to see they break stuff and scratch the paint totally unnecessary, check it out but be warned they could have handled the car with much more care.

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