1972 Opel GT, Will It Run After 30 Years?

Wait, check this, 1972 Opel GT, Will It Run After 30 Years?

We have said it numerous times how the American cars from the 60’s and 70’s are nearly indestructible and a great thing to bet on when it comes to starting them after years of neglect, however today’s “patient” that has been in a coma for about 30 years comes from Germany.

The Opel GT from the 70’s was known in Germany as The German Corvette and as many other things produced in Germany is a great quality product which will try and join his American namesake into the hall of fame of cars that are able to start after decades of sitting still.

These guys have the work cut out for them because the engine bay of this little European sports car looks like it had things growing in it, so let’s watch them and wish them luck in their endeavor, in hope to hear that little engine purr once again like it did many years ago.  


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