1ST TIME EVER Street Outlaws Big Chief vs Jeff Lutz!!

Check this, 1ST TIME EVER Street Outlaws Big Chief vs Jeff Lutz!!

This season more than ever we have seen Jeff Lutz and Big Chief working together as a team much closer than the rest of the guys.

Just the other day, when Big Chief was going to race Ryan Martin, it was Jeff Lutz in Chief’s corner trying to help him figure out what they are going to do when it came to the starting light.

Even Ryan knew that these guys are so close that Jeff will tell Chief everything he hears from him about the starting procedure and whether Ryan will jump, sit or just go on time whenever the light turns on.

Additionally, this might be the race that holds one of them back from America’s List.

They both need the win so they can secure their spot on America’s List and at the moment both of them can end up staying in Oklahoma as the rest of the 405 racers like Ryan Martin, Daddy Dave, Monza, and whoever wins this travel around the country representing the 405.

In a true team-like decision, Chief lets Jeff choose his preferred lane and ends up in the left. While Ryan Martin has shown that you can go extremely fast in both lanes, we have to realize that not all cars are as capable as that Fireball Camaro and not all of these guys have the right tune for both lanes.

Before the race, both of these guys tell us what we already know.

Both of them will be turning the power way up, on their machines and push the limit of what this road can take, because like we said this might be the deciding race of who gets to race with the best in the country, and who gets to stay home and watch the rest of the 405 on TV, so check out this great race and enjoy.

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