489 Big Block Chevy Nova First Start after Rebuilt!!

Take a look at this awesome moment, 489 Big Block Chevy Nova First Start after Rebuilt!!!

For the real enthusiasts that have built their own car, the first start is something really special because ever since they have started on the project this is the moment that they have been anticipating and waiting for hopping that it comes sooner.

For them this can be described as the baby’s first word, because this is the first time that they get to hear the rumble of their project that they have spent so much time on, and have given such huge sacrifices to see it thru.

Today we join the action as a 489 Nova is about to turnover for the first time but the owner’s brother was so scared of that loud engine that the video shakes from the camera man jumping every time he hits the throttle.

As proof to this, near the end of the video we see the smoke rising from the headers as it usually is while the paint burns of for the first time.

Check out this great video and remember this is a loud one so check the volume first.

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