The 55 vs Fireball Camaro in an Epic Race at Orangeburg SC Street Outlaws no prep!

Check this, The 55 vs Fireball Camaro in an epic race at Orangeburg SC Street Outlaws no prep live event!

As always with a no prep event there was no lack of epic racing at the Orangeburg, SC Street Outlaws no prep event and this time we bring you one of the most amazing one from the entire event.

The Street Outlaws events have grown exponentially over the years and these days the name itself means that the fastest cars out there will be making an appearance and will be competing for the grand prize, and this always guarantees some amazing turnout since we all know that these guys have huge fan bases by now.

The race today is an epic battle between the Fireball Camaro in the left lane and the well-known ’55 Chevy.

The 55 pulls the left front wheel off the ground and carries it nearly the entire length of the track but will that be enough to reach the finish line first or will the Fireball Camaro beat him to it?
Well watch the video and find out.

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  • I came to your race an absolutely had a ball ,I got to meet dominator and shook his hand,and I got to hug azna and take a picture with him and talk to him and he even signed my shirt that wasn’t his . The rest of them must of hide .azna can race that’s for sure loved it when he brought out his Jeep ,I do not think the race track was ready for all the people .it took us 6 hrs to drive 20 minutes ,we come in one way and they turned use around and made us come in the back way .It was awful .got in the gate and nowhere to set.over all It was great.Ive never been to a street outlaws race so I was so excited.yall done great.God Bless you all Tenia Wood Waynesville Nc

  • ganz ehrlich ..warumauch den v öllig überteuerten thermomix kaufen. kauft euch die krups prep und cook.zur zeit bei media markt für 399 im angebot!! ich hab das ding schon 1 1/2 jahreperfekt!! wenn ihr zuviel kohle habt.schenkt es lieber armen menschen 🙂

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