8 Insane Restomods Custom Cars that Blow your Mind CARGASM!!

Take a look at these 8 Insane Restomods Custom Cars that Blow your Mind CARGASM!!

While many of the classic car lovers love to keep the cars in their original and pure form, there is also another trend, that has old cars retrofitted with new parts which has been gaining ground for years, and today’s video is dedicated to them.

There is a good reason for it as well, because if you have driven one then you know that classic cars are quite limited in many ways, some of them even have drum brakes, making them pretty dangerous for the speed rates that are common amongst modern cars, not to mention the lack of any conveniences, comfort and features that we are all used to these days.

The other reason is off course reliability, because let’s face it, all that technology used in vehicles these days, do make a world of difference, so putting a pair of modern brakes, steering or transmission might not be such a bad thing after all, don’t believe us, well check out these cars and see for yourselves.



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