Amazing Hemi Mopars at NHRA Maple Grove Raceway!

Amazing Hemi Mopars at NHRA Maple Grove Raceway!

By now, we are sure that car lovers all over the world have heard of the famous HEMI engine and many of them even know that the name is an abbreviation of the hemispherical cylinder head which was designed back in the day to provide a great surface-to-volume ratio, nearly eradicating the heat loss to the head of the engine and providing ample room for two big valves that help the engine breathe in and breathe out with great capacity.

Due to the design of the head, a domed piston was designed to match it in order for the compression chamber to be able to work efficiently.

Now that we have told you some things about this popular engine, which let’s be honest, most of you probably knew already, let us take you to Maple Grove Raceway where a HEMI battle is brewing, with some amazing vehicles, that are not only fast, but have very cool designs, play the video and check them out.

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