What is American Chopper star Mikey Teutul up to in 2017?

Did you know What is American Chopper star Mikey Teutul up to in 2017?

When it comes to the show American Chopper, there is no doubt that Mikey was one of the most bellowed characters by all since we can’t remember any fans of the show that did not like him.

Yes we are all well aware that he was not the best builder, or the best designer and no his “garage skills” were not at the level of the other cast member, but there was something likable about him and he brought a lighter atmosphere to all that tension that was happening in the Orange County Choppers garage.

This “Peacekeeper” was what actually helped the family go thru many of the fights between Junior and Senior, and many believe that without his help the show would have had a much shorter run than it actually did.

So what has he been up to these days?

Well watch the video and find out more about Mikey.


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