Are Street Outlaws stars Big Chief and Shawn Reuniting?

What’s your thoughts, Are Street Outlaws stars Big Chief and Shawn Reuniting?

If you remember about two weeks ago we were talking about how Chief and Shawn decided to go their separate ways and it appears that this sparked a huge controversy as well as gossip due to the reason why this is so.

Some were saying that it is Chief’s lady friend that is to blame about their demise since there were talk about her disliking Shawn and some were saying that two egos of that size are not meant to stay under one same roof for example, Midwest Street Cars the shop that they are running.

If they separate however, what would happen to the shop itself, and we know that lately they have been doing different kinds of racing, since Shawn has been focusing on small tire racing and we all know that Chief is hitting the No Prep scene with The New Crow.


So check out what’s new in their deal and some more news about street racing in the video bellow.


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