Awesome Back Yard Find Z16 Chevy Chevelle!!

Take a look at this Awesome Back Yard Find Z16 Chevy Chevelle!!

Incredible finds don’t seem to be slowing down or stopping and it appears that we live in the best time for classic muscle cars to be rediscovered, after they have been parked and forgotten somewhere on a farm or in the back yard.

Today’s cars come from the latter, and it is a Z16 Chevelle that has been found in the back yard and is now being shown as found, with flat tires, a jack supporting the front, and the trunk lid on top of the roof and everything in its original state.

The car has been known as a car that has been hiding in plain sight since it was not hidden at all but it took them quite some time to realize that they have a real jewel rotting away in the back yard.

Check out this amazing find which is about to get some real, and well deserved TLC, after a very long wait.

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