Is This the Baddest Pro Street Truck You’ve Seen Lately?

Is This the Baddest Pro Street Truck You’ve Seen Lately?

Pro Street Trucks are probably one of the coolest trucks that you are able to drive in traffic, and one of the fastest ones as well, so showing up in one of them is something incredibly spectacular that pulls a crowd every time.

This time this bad Pro Street Truck, appears in Ocean City and steals all the glory at the meet, and there are good reasons for it, since who could remain uninterested in this baby as it growls its way to the parking spot.

Then the hood opens and now we are afraid to blink because we might miss some of the incredible details that this thing has in the engine bay.

First thing that pops up at you are the two huge turbos that look menacing even when they are stationary and just imagine if they are spinning at crazy speeds pumping air into the engine.

Check out the rest of the insanely clean chrome work under the hood in the video bellow and tell us is this the baddest Pro Street Truck you have seen on the streets?

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