Barn Find Facel Vega HK 500 found in Wales is a real rarity!!!

Take a look at this, Barn Find Facel Vega HK 500 found in Wales is a real rarity!!!

An old Facel Vega HK 500 has been discovered in a garage in south-west Wales, which has turned out to be a rare model of a car that would be found today.

The Facel “Vega” was launched at the 1954 Paris Salon, although the first prototype had been completed in October 1953. Originally the model name was “Vega”, but they gradually became “Facel Vega” with “FV” followed by a number indicating the iteration.

For 1959, the Facel Vega HK500 was introduced. Essentially, it was just a renamed, upgraded FVS. Equipped at first with the 335 hp (246 kW) 5.8-litre V8 from the FVS, the HK500 soon received a 360 hp (265 kW) 6.3 litre Chrysler V8, giving it a top speed of 147 mph (237 km/h). It could accelerate from 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 8.5 seconds. Initially, disc brakes were optional, becoming standard in April, 1960. The Facel Vega II replaced the HK500 in 1962, after 489 had been built. One was a specially made convertible. Total FV/HK production was 842, or 846 depending on the source.

Facel Vega was a French car company that produced luxury cars in the 1950s and 60s. This particular model was made in 1959 and sold for $6,000, a very large sum at the time.

The rare Facel Vega HK 500 can currently sell for over €250,000 at auction. After the car was found in the garage, it was sent for restoration to bring it back to working order.

The rare Facel Vega HK 500 has a right-hand drive configuration. This model is a rarity in Great Britain, where only 96 cars with this configuration were produced.

Some of the rarer Facel Vega models, such as the Facel II Coupe, have been sold for €350,000. The car, found in Wales, sports the signature ‘Brunswick Blue’ color and its original gray leather upholstery has been preserved in its original condition.

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