Beefed Up Mopar Show Off Goes Terribly Wrong!!!

Check this, Beefed Up Mopar Show Off Goes Terribly Wrong!!

Most of us enjoy working on our cars and putting stuff on them as we modify them, however it appears that this might not always be the best idea.

From time to time we all manage to botch up something and create more problems for ourselves while trying to do it ourselves instead of letting the professionals do it.

It seems that this is the case in today’s video when a beautiful American Muscle car loses its entire rear end while trying to do a pull, or in a way, it made such a powerful pull that it literally pulled the rear end out of the chassis.

Luckily the whole thing happened at very low speed and there was no real danger of somebody getting hurt or injured.

Before we invite you to check out this terrible way to show off, please turn down the speakers because the reaction to this unfortunate event is way too loud.

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