Big Block Twin Turbo Chevy II – Fresh Start Sounds Demonic!

Take a look at this, Big Block Twin Turbo Chevy II – Fresh Start Sounds Demonic!

If you have ever built a car, or even had helped somebody to build one, then you can appreciate that glorious moment of the first start of the engine, the moment when you get to hear it for the first time and find out if you did your job as well as you thought you did, the moment when you get all your work checked in an instance and hope it all goes well.

This is a guy which built a 550ci Chevy engine, and strapped two Precision Pro Mod 88 turbochargers and now it is time for him to hear his baby roar for the first time, and thankfully he decided to film the event so we can get to enjoy his moment of pride and joy along with him.

Luckily it all goes well but at the same time he could have made thee video even greater if he treated us to a burnout in the driveway, well maybe next time, for now hear that big block roar and enjoy the sounds.

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