Big Chiefs New Car for No Prep Kings!!!

Check this, Big Chiefs has a New Car for No Prep Kings!!! 

Last season of No Prep Kings was a real roller-coaster for many and we say guys go up and down the points list all the time.

One of the biggest surprise has to be the fact that while everybody thought that the battle for first position will be fought between Team Texas and Team 405, NOLA stepped up and crushed the competition putting themselves on the map and telling everybody that they need to look out for them.

The second biggest surprise has to be the fact that one-day Big Chief decided to show up, race his way in and start helping his teammates from the 405 on the way to the ultimate goal, winning the No Prep Kings Championship.

After a few races he said that he has much more respect for the guys that are doing this due to the fact that it takes real effort to get the car setup for the street and the track in such short periods of time, so let’s hear what Sim has to say about Big Chief and his ride which he will be racing full time in the next season of NPK.


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