Big Fist Fight Before A Drag Race | Street Outlaws!!

Check this, Big Fist Fight Before A Drag Race Street Outlaws!!

It has been a while since this happened but we thought that it is worth watching it again.

This is the episode when Doc and Reaper got into it, and we don’t mean just getting in each other’s face, that was just the beginning of it all.

They kept going back and forth on lane choice, Doc kept asking for it, and in the meantime Reaper kept telling him that the rules are clear that they have to flip a coin for it.

But they keep going back and forth with the insults and the trash talk which of course leads to a scuffle and a few punches are thrown all in the name of racing.

So check out the video and do tell us in your opinion, which one of them is to blame, we think that both of them had their share and one thing led to another, as it often does once tempers flare up.

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