Biker Makes Guy Take Off His “Sons Of Anarchy” Vest His Girlfriend Gave Him as a Gift!

Biker Makes Guy Take Off His “ Sons Of Anarchy ” Vest His Girlfriend Gave Him as a Gift!

Not too sure where to start on this one to be honest with you, since just like anybody else out there, we do not stand for “fake valor” and have a pretty bad opinion about people that do that, but on the other hand, we cannot forget, that Sons Of Anarchy is just a TV show, and by wearing a what is closest to a film prop, you are not really offending anybody, since a club like that, does not exist.

Apparently, these two take their colors very seriously, and in a way, that’s all nice and dandy but to make a guy at a gas station take off his vest, which like we said, doesn’t really belong to a real Motorcycle Club, well they might need to take a chill pill.

Check out the video of what appears to be a couple of bikers making a kid take off a vest that was given to him as a present, and tell us, do you agree with the bikers making him take off the vest or were they potential gunshot victims for not minding their own business?


  • The guy who is telling him he should take it is wrong. It is not a 3 piece patch and there is no problem with him wearing it. Some out there may say something about it but because there is no M/C or Bottom Rocker on it they usually leave it alone.

  • So, Where does it say this guy is a biker? He didn’t ride up on a bike, you never saw him, you only heard his opinion. And opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one !

  • First of all sons is based on a real club Kurt actually rode with the club it’s based on that’s where he got his material from. People who ride in club’s work hArd to earn their patches therefore this biker was totally in the right for saying what he said. Wear a t shirt or hoodie if you want to show respect for the show but not a leather vest or coat. You didn’t eArn that patch

  • I think this writer is making something out of nothing. I think this guy got some SOA clothing from his girlfriend and if he wants to wear it it’s his business. I think these guys who asked him to take it off probably would have escalated the situation if he hadn’t honored their request (BTW, I only heard one guy with the video…not two). SO, this guy probably took it off just to appease them and not make a situation worse. This guy’s SOA vest wasn’t a three-piece cut…meaning it OBVIOUSLY wasn’t a MC cut. Having said that, there ARE MCs out there that do consider SOA vests insulting and do get offended. Either way, it’s this guy’s choice to decide when to wear and how to wear his SOA vest. Again, I think the writer of this article is making something out of nothing.

  • this guy filming and harrassing needs to have his ass whipped by his club and have his patch pulled by his club if he really has one of his own.

  • Hmmmm… A YouTube video as proof of an event… First question you should ask yourself is, might this be fake? Yep never been one of those doctored up to try and go viral. I think it is a complete load of B.S. both by the video production and this article.

  • whatever wearin’ a soa patch is pretty silly for one thing ! what bothers real patch holders is if one of these posers is out causing trouble they could be mistaken for the real deal which can bring down heat on the the real clubs…and this thing about 3piece patches is bullshit…I know of at least 2 One Percenter clubs that just have circular one piece patch…

  • This guy could be happy that he gets not hurt. Here in germany with the wrong clubs he would be in deep trouble. To wear this vest shows no respekt to all the real mc .
    If you want a vest in a mc you have to work fir it and show the club that you are the right one to wear it. So please do not wear a vest from a tv show.

  • As soon as he made the comment “he would take the vest from me ” was made the proverbial shit would’ve hit the fan.

  • Some people will do anything for attention! I’ve never heard of anyone getting “lessons” for wearing Pink Floyd, Men in Black, etc tee shirts. Only a capital A type of person would make mountains out of molehills to stroke his ego.

  • It’s obvious these clowns don’t know MC protocol it is all right to wear fantasy colors as long as they don’t have MC on the vest regardless of this club was based on a true club or not Sons of Anarchy is not an MC so taking a vest with the name Sons of Anarchy on the back it’s nothing but grandstanding I think that man needs a lesson and MC history

  • I would have kicked his arse! You have know rite to tell me to take it off! I’m not scared of you bad ass! Been affiliated with clubs and wouldn’t take his garbage!

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