Birdman Crash On No Prep Kings Week 2 in Virginia Motorsport Park!!!

Check this, Birdman Crash On No Prep Kings Week 2 in Virginia Motorsport Park!!!

The first thing that we always like to tell you about in these situations as always is the fact that the driver has not been injured and James Finney AKA Birdman is feeling fine after this accident.

The first-ever No Prep Kings Championship was won by non-other than James Birman Finney and this is something that some of these racers need to be reminded of.

This time we find him in a situation that is less than ideal as his rear end starts malfunctioning sending him into the wall in a brief second.

Some are blaming the center of the rim, some are blaming the rear end, however, the final result is that James has not been devoted to the No Prep Kings Championship for whatever reason and this is apparently showing.

On the other hand, the true fans will say that he is literally driving the wheels of that car, and in all fairness, they would be right to say so.

Whichever reasoning might be favored by you, the facts are that he has not been racing as much as we have wanted him to lately and the late start at the America’s List is just one way of showing this.

By the looks of things, it seems that there is not much damage to the car apart from the paint loss on the right hand and the aforementioned damage to the drivetrain.

We are sure that James and the car will be back on the track as soon as possible and this crash will not cause a huge impact on his No Prep Kings Championship run, which we are sure is his goal as the first-ever racer to win the championship, so it would be of huge importance to win the fifth one.

So check out this race and see what happens with his rear end.

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