BRUTAL Pro Street Gremlin Insane CRASH!

Check this, BRUTAL Pro Street Gremlin Insane CRASH!

Once the oil crisis hit in the late sixties, car companies needed to get low consumption cars to the costumers in a real hurry and the AMC Gremlin was born in order to compete with the Chevy Vegas, Ford Pintos, WV Beatles and Toyota Corollas.

Speed and power were never at the top of the engineering goals of the development team which worked on the Gremlin and by the looks of it, beauty was not on the list either, but the car had its following and reached nearly 700 thousand vehicles produced, mainly due to low fuel consumption figures.

Some of them however, made it all the way to the drag races where they would receive a massive engine swap and thanks to the size and weight of the resto of the car, this would mean some decent times.

This Pro Street Gremlin however, did not have much luck that day as it went sideways near the end of the track at high speeds and ended up in the wall, check it out.

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