Burnout Passenger Puts Out FIRE…BIGGEST Burnouts in the WORLD!!

Check this Burnout Passenger Puts Out FIRE…BIGGEST Burnouts in the WORLD!!

Did you know that there are people in the world that consider a burnout to be something wasteful, unnecessary childish and stupid. They say that all you do is waste fuel, destroy the tires and pollute the area, but we never could understand what they are really saying because of the tire squeal and all that smoke bellowing around us.

Yes, they might say it’s a waste of energy or tires and fuel, but a good burnout fills the hearth with joy and relieves stress to everybody that happened to be nearby, so they can shut up and let us have our fun.

And todays stress levels are about to go down since we present you a video from Summernats, where insanely powerful V-8 monsters which are breading thru superchargers, are here to annihilate tires and even set them on fire, so sit back, play the video and enjoy, no thanks needed.

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