Carburetor to Holley Terminator EFI Conversion on a 396 Big Block Chevelle!!

Take a look at this, Carburetor to Holley Terminator EFI Conversion on a 396 Big Block Chevelle!!

Today’s video is about a conversion from a carburetor to fuel injection, or moving from an older reliable technology, to a newer more efficient.

 Carburetors are a technology that has proven itself for a very long time, how long you ask?

Well in fact the first carburetor was invented back in 1926 by a guy named Samuel Morey, but the first one that was patented in order to be used in a petroleum engine was in fact patented by Siegfried Marcus on 6 July in 1872, and we are sure that you know how the rest of the carburetor story goes.  

The fuel injection system, on the other hand, has been used in cars in a slightly different form (mechanical instead of electronic), ever since the mid ‘50s when the Mercedes-Benz 300SL became the first production car to use the mechanical fuel injection system.

This was quickly followed on this side of the pond by the 1959 Corvette small-block 4.6 litre V8 which was fuel-fed by the Rochester mechanical fuel injection, produced by General Motors’ Rochester Products Division.

So let’s sit back and see how the  folks at Holley Performance Products tackle their upgrade on this gorgeous classic.

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