How the CARS are MADE in Fast & Furious 8!

Take a look how the cars are made in newest Fast & Furious 8! 

One of the most successful car movie franchise in the world has a new film out and it has been breaking box office records for nearly a month now, which means we had to take a peek behind the silver screen and check out how some of those insane action scenes were made.

We all know that in reality many of the scenes would not be possible to be performed with just cars so the company StreetFX jumped in to help with their wizardry.

Take a tour into Universal and play this video, there you will meet the guy responsible for all those insane builds, and let him take you into his workplace where he will explain in detail how it all came to life and how this record breaking movie got made.

Take a look at the video bellow and feel free to share if you like it. Enjoy!

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