Charger Wheelies, AWD Honda’s, Wrecks & MORE!!

Check this, Charger Wheelies, AWD Honda’s, Wrecks & MORE!!

Once again Team Boddie put together an event called “No Excuses” which has held in Sacramento California and if you know something about these events, then you know that some incredible wild machines are about to make an appearance and shoot to kill.

There were all sorts of cars for nearly any kind of event, from small tires, big tires grudge racers and even some all wheel imports trying to show that they can play with the big boys.

Almost hallway down the video there is a massive high speed crash, something that is not easy to avoid when you combine extremely powerful cars with people that want to use every last bit of power of the vehicle in order to make a good run, but the good thing is that as we have said before, the safety equipment has come a long way, and it did its job so the driver walked out of that one, check it out.


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