Chevelle Goes On a Wild Ride at Colorado No Prep Kings!!!

Wow, check this, Chevelle Goes On a Wild Ride at Colorado No Prep Kings!!!

Let us start the explanation for the video with the most important thing, the driver is OK and he was not injured in this incident.

Now that we got that out of the way, boy do we have a wild ride for you guys, as we are about to bring you a video of a Chevelle that is in a close race with his rival but it all goes bad in the last few feet of the race, as the car snaps sideways.

The driver of the Chevelle crosses the line sideways while seesawing at the steering wheel trying his best to regain control of the car but it looks like he is just a fraction too late and can’t get the car straightened out, so he clips the wall not once but twice before he gets the car to a complete stop.

Check out this wild riding video from the Colorado No Prep Kings event.

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