Chevy Chevelle SS Smokes Nissan GT-R on Street Race!

We thought you may want to take a look at this amazing street race between 1970 Chevy Chevelle and Nissan GT-R!

At the video bellow, you can take a look at few street races between a Pro Street Chevy Chevelle and tuned Nissan GT-R!

The SS Chevelle owned by guy named Shaun has an built LSx with D1 ProCharger. The Nissan setup is unknown but is fast as hell.

“The driver in that GT-R needs to give up racing forever, weakest launch from an all wheel drive car I’ve ever seen”, “Worst launch in a GTR I’ve ever seen!  This guy is hopeless and should have that car taken off him lol.  Still, pitching a drag strip car against a stock street legal car ain’t exactly a fair fight.” are some of the comments about the GT-R.

It’s true, that powerful car with start like that is really disappointing. Chevelle run smooth on the road!

Watch the video bellow and feel free to share it if you like. If you have some videos like this, send us and we’ll publish it. Enjoy and ride safe!

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