Chevy Duramax Goes Horribly Wrong…..

Take a look at this, Chevy Duramax Goes Horribly Wrong…..

Apart from revving it in neutral all the way up to the rev limiter, the burnout is probably the worst thing you can do to a vehicle because it gets all the strain of full throttle without any of the benefits of moving along.

This is one thing that the driver of this Chevy Duramax is about to find out when he tries to pull a very long burnout while pushing against a cement block in order to make sure it doesn’t “take-off”.

After about twenty seconds in, the tire smoke and the smoke from those huge “chimneys” is getting mixed up in something that would break the hearth of a tree hugger but it looks awesome as the crowd goes wild.

 But then disaster strikes as all of a sudden there is a loud pop and instead of black diesel smoke, it looks like now the truck start spewing out its oil thru the exhaust.

Check out a great way to blow a turbo in the video bellow.

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