Chevy Truck Challenges Lamborghini To Race, Surprises Everyone!!!

Check this, Chevy Truck Challenges Lamborghini To Race, Surprises Everyone!!!

For this video to have been just perfect, it would have to be a random Lamborghini going down the highway driving up to a truck and then this occurs, but we are afraid that the setup is not as perfect.

It’s not some random guy that has no idea that this is one very fast truck, no. These guys have met and this has been a race that was setup by them, and that kinda takes the fun out of it because it would be funnier if you ask us for the truck to just drive up on the Lambo and smoke him.

This happened last year in East Bethel, Minnesota where after rebuilding the truck, the guy thought it would be fun if he can put it up against what people thought is the fastest car around, the Lambo featured in the video, and what a great fun it was.

Well at least for the guys in the truck because we are sure the Lambo owner was not too happy losing a race to a truck.

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