CHICAGO FINAL Street Outlaws 405 Monza vs Ryan Martin!!

Check this, CHICAGO FINAL Street Outlaws 405 Monza vs Ryan Martin!!

As we have been telling you, the 405 has paused their tally races and traveled out of town in order to settle a score against Chicago and Kansas City.

During this event, they have shown the guys from Chicago and Kansas that they are still the guys to beat when it comes to street racing and that is why they are the last team standing in this race and all they can do now is see which one of the 405 guys is going home with the bragging rights and some cash.

Two Camaros from the 405 team are in the finals, one black and one red both of them relying on a totally different power adder to help them get to the finish line faster than the other Camaro.

The black one owned of course by Monza has made the biggest leap from last year and has been one of the fastest guys on the street since they started racing. The other is the red Fireball Camaro, one of the most famous cars in No Prep racing and arguably one of the fastest cars on the street these days.

Both drivers will be turning the cars up to brand new levels, however, they might be doing it for different reasons.

We know last time these guys raced, it was Ryan who won the race so Monza will have to put in more power than last time if he wants to grab that Chicago cash, while Ryan Martin is adamant about turning his car up just to try and find the limits on his Fireball Camaro.

For him, all these street races are just a prelude for America’s List and he wants to go to that competition ready to take home the win, unlike last time, so check out this amazing 405 Camaro final and enjoy.

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