Chief & Jackie testing Caddy Jack to see if we can get a new personal best!

Take a look at this, Chief & Jackie testing Caddy Jack to see if tgey can get a new personal best!

As we have shown you a few days back, Jackie and Big Chief are hard at work on getting the best of Caddy Jack and today they are going back to the track to try and fix everything that they missed the last time they were there, and of course to try and get a new personal best time for that car.

These guys are not wasting any time, and to prove this, they have not even taken Caddy Jack out of the trailer once they were back at their show, instead they just left it in the trailer in hopes that this way they can pick things up exactly where they left them, and just input the small changes that Big Chief thinks will make a big difference.

While the weather conditions at the track might have deteriorated a little bit because of the higher humidity, which causes all cars to go a little bit slower, Big Chief is convinced that Caddy Jack has much more to give than the last 5.49 seconds pass, that this will not affect their personal best by too much.

Changing the launch RPM is just the start of the deal, and next is completely removing the shift retard from the one-two shift to make sure this is not slowing the car down as it happens in some cases.

The nitrous controller changes are followed by the new shock adjustments and a few fuel pressure adjustments that hopefully will get the car faster to the finish line than last time, and of course at higher finish-line speeds.

In theory, all of this should work together and Caddy Jack should lay down a much faster pass, however, as we have seen before, one of these adjustments might be headed in the wrong direction and make the car slower conflicting with the others, so let us check out the video and see how it all goes down.


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