Chuck 55 New Car Reveal, That Chevy is bad to the bone!!

Check this, Chuck 55 New Car Reveal, That Chevy is bad to the bone!!

Unlike the regular street cars, purpose built race cars have a lot shorter life span and if you have had the same car for more than three years, and have not made drastic setup changes, well that car is simply considered old.

In the No Prep racing scene, racers push their cars to, and beyond, the limit on a daily basis so they always try to get more off their cars so whoever stops doing that will literally fall behind on the next sprint towards the finish line.

Knowing this, Chuck 55 decided that he needs to invest his time money and knowledge into a brand new machine that they are building right now, and they decided to go for an all steel 55 and they apparently decided to go all out.

As you are about to see, the car is literally showroom material but it also has a strong punch, so let the man himself tell you more about it.

Because there is problem loading the video, you can watch it HERE!

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