Cocky Porsche 911 Messes With the Wrong Sleeper …Badas* Audi RS4

Cocky Porsche 911 Messes With the Wrong Sleeper … Badass Audi RS4!

About 86 years ago, Ferdinand Porsche started a company that has since became a symbol for German sports car precision and performance, producing on of the most famous sportscars in the world the Porsche 911.

Although some might consider that the whole design of the car is flawed, with the engine hanging over the rear axle, instead of being located in the middle, the German engineers have apparently found a way to make it work and have been the benchmark for performance in their respective class.

This time however, the benchmark is being challenged at the German Autobahn, where speed limits are just a suggestion instead of a rule, by a grocery getter, in a form of a Audi RS4 Wagon.

Some say that the video is fake, but either way the result is real, the cocky Porsche 911 driver, was just given a lesson in speed by a station wagon, enjoy.

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