Confuse the Cops with This Fearsome Helmets!!

Hell yeah, Confuse the Cops with This Fearsome Helmets!!

With helmet its hot yes, its not that much comfortable and it spoils your hair but the most important it keeps your head very much and after facing any kind of danger you feel amazing that you put it before.

So, without helmet do not even consider sitting on a motorcycle.

If you prefer to emphasize this is one creation of designer John Mulora and it is the right thing for you. He had idea to make a label for a helmet that looks like a human head with ears also. And it looks awesome we must say! The only drawback is that you will look bald because this kind of hairstyle is currently the only option.

Anyway, the trick is excellent. Imagine yourself in situation when you are pulled by cop for not driving with helmet and you just take off the half of your head..


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