Crawling through a Toronado to find a Corvette!!!

Check this, Crawling through a Toronado to find a Corvette!!!

Tom Hagerty takes us on another adventure today in his video that he made on his visit to Bob, a guy that everybody is sure that Tom just has to visit because of his huge collection of cars, the kind that we all love seeing.

The first thing that Tom stumbles upon arriving at Bob’s place is the car trailer filled with Model A parts but just behind the trailer there is a real treat in the form of a Model A, and not just any Model A, no sir, this is the second oldest known car with the original engine in it, now that is a real rare classic.

There are tons of stuff about this car alone that Bob is eager to share and the fun does not stop here, there are quite a few cars that he is dying to show to Tom and all of us, so sit back and enjoy.


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