This CRAZY Hand Built MINI NOVA Will Blow Your Mind!!!

Check this CRAZY Hand Built MINI NOVA Will Blow Your Mind!!!

There is always something special that just grabs our attention when it comes to one off project vehicles and this tubular chassis Miniature Nova, sporting a Toyota rear differential, with front suspension “stolen” from a Mustang is something that we could not look away from.

The power is provided by a high revving Kawasaki ZX12R engine donated from a bike, which also supplied the gearbox for this amazing project.

With the weight down to a minimum this means that once this thing revs up it goes like crazy, and it sounds even crazier.

The best part about it that this thing is for sale and if your pockets can reach up to $10 grand, you can be driving off in this incredible machine stealing the looks of everybody wherever you show up.

You can use it to drive around town or to scare and humiliate much more powerful cars at the local autocross event.

Check out the video and tell us would you buy one?

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