Customized Harley Bagger Insane Crash!

See how this Customized Harley Bagger Crash!

First thing’s first, why are you riding a bike that was clearly made for a slow cruise, in a manner that is not suited at all to the whole technology of the bike? If you were planning of reaching cool levels of lean angle, why not just get a sports bike which has been designed for that in the first place?

Nothing on that bike says fast thru corners anyway so why would you force it thru a corner like that, unless you are really hating the bike and the (probably) 30 grand that you have thrown at it.
Whatever the guy was thinking, you cannot deny that his style of crashing was nearly perfect.

Granted he was not going that fast, but using the momentum that he was carrying to literally get on his feet and walk away from the crash without any injury was simply great looking, so you have to check it out, in the video bellow.

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