Daddy Dave in his Twin Turbo Goliath takes on Disco Dean…

Check this, Daddy Dave in his Twin Turbo Goliath takes on Disco Dean…

This year has been going quite well for Daddy Dave and he has even managed to win against Big Chief and wear the crown so you would think that you don’t change the winning horse would tell him something but it seems that after the last test runs that he did he decided to actually do just that.

He believes that he maxed out the procharger and in order for him to keep his crown he needs to switch to twin turbo’s just like most of the top contenders in the No Prep game, so to do that when he is on top of the list, well that sure is a brave thing to do.

He knows that he has a lot of testing to do before he can actually get the new setup running as good as it can but he believes that he has a great team and he can do just that.

This time he takes on a legend in the No Prep game, Disco Dean but will he be able to put down a good enough pass to show Dean that the future is in twin turbos? Well let’s watch and find out.



Daddy Dave vs Disco Dean at Mir

Daddy Dave in his twin turbo nova vs Disco dean Stinky Pinky at Mir

Posted by National No Prep Racing Association on Saturday, May 18, 2019

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