Daddy Dave vs Black Widow at No Prep Kings 2 Topeka Kansas!!

Take a look at this awesome race, Daddy Dave vs Black Widow at No Prep Kings 2 Topeka Kansas!!

Contrary to popular belief, the Black Widow female spider will perform the act of sexual cannibalism mainly in lab circumstances where the male is unable to escape or choose his female properly.

In the wild the male is much safer since he can actually detect if the female has eaten already by the scent of the chemicals in her web thus choosing the one that is full enough that he won’t become her after-sex snack.

At the No Prep Kings 2 event held recently in Topeka Kansas, we could not determine if this Black Widow has eaten since no web was produced but we knew that one thing this Black Widow is hungry for is victory.

In the lane next to her is the mega popular Daddy Dave who did not come here to be a part of some weird ritual at all, this guy is here for the win, so check out if Dave will get his head bitten off by this black beast of a car..

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