Daddy Dave vs Fireball Camaro at the Memphis Street Outlaws no prep!

Daddy Dave and Fireball Camaro goes head to head at the Memphis Street Outlaws no prep!

As always, once you read the names of the racers that have lined up against one another at the Memphis Street Outlaws event, you know that you are at the right spot to see something amazing.

And what a truly amazing race it is.
Not wanting to spoil it we won’t mention any names but we will tell you that one of them made an amazing save and kept that car off that wall with amazing skill.

As soon as they launched immense grip had him riding the wheelie bars with the front tires in the air, but soon it looked like those wheelie bars are giving up and he is hanging those front wheels too high in the air for comfort.
He did what anybody would do and took his foot of the accelerator but that’s when the drama unfolded.

Check out this amazing save in one this much anticipated race.

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