Daddy Dave’s No Prep Kings Audi makes big power with XRE Hemi & New Procharger!!

Check this, Daddy Dave’s No Prep Kings Audi makes big power with XRE Hemi & New Procharger!!

Daddy Dave, one of the most renowned figures in the Street Outlaws community, has once again made a buzz in the industry with his new Audi. This time, he has equipped the car with a new Procharger, specifically the f4x-136, and made some remarkable power gains. The f4x-136 Procharger, which can get a significant weight break under the new NPK season 6 rules, was tested by Dave at Extreme Racing Engines, where he had his new Audi dynode.

With a Noonan based motor and the 136 blower, the new Hemi made an impressive 3523 horsepower to the hubs. Interestingly, this is more power than Goliath made with the Proline mh5 Hemi and the big 140 blower that made 3300 at the hubs. The smaller blower that Daddy Dave used is eligible for the big weight break, and hence, the car can weigh as little as 26.50 with no Lockup in a modern car like Daddy Dave or 2625 in an older car getting the 25 pound weight break.

Moreover, the new Hemi is making 3500 with a smaller blower that can weigh a lot less than Goliath had to weigh last year. This combination is a significant advantage for Dave, and he believes that some of the other Procharger Racers that can actually get down to the minimum weight could take advantage of this new blower. It’s smaller and won’t make as much power or boost as the big 140 pro charger or the 144, but it’s efficient and is eligible for a big weight break.

The weight break advantage is a significant factor in the Street Outlaws community, where cars must weigh as little as possible to compete at the highest level. Daddy Dave’s Audi can get down to the minimum weight of 2650 pounds with the new blower, making it very fast and a big force to be reckoned with for the championship.

The new Procharger definitely takes advantage of a couple of rules, and even the old 136 is pretty good as well. Daddy Dave’s Audi, equipped with the new Procharger, is expected to be a big force to be reckoned with this year for the championship. The new Hemi’s impressive power output will enable it to easily hit speeds of over 200 miles an hour to the eighth with ease, and run really well up front to 330 and in the 60-foot.

In conclusion, Daddy Dave’s Audi, fitted with the new f4x-136 Procharger, is a game-changer in the world of street racing. Its impressive power output, coupled with the significant weight break offered by the NPK season 6 rules, makes it an unbeatable combination. It will be exciting to watch Daddy Dave’s Audi in action as it tears up the tracks and takes on the best racers in the world, cementing its place as a true champion.

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